Some Thoughts on the Indian Public Road Transport !

April 4, 2012

These are only wishful thoughts. You may read it here !


When will the Human Society accept women as equals with men ?

October 7, 2010

Before the teachings of Jesus which culminated in Pentecost, women had little or no spiritual standing in the tenets of the older religions. After Pentecost, in the brotherhood of the kingdom woman stood before God on an equality with man. Among the one hundred and twenty who received this special visitation of the spirit were many of the women disciples, and they shared these blessings equally with the men believers. No longer can man presume to monopolize the ministry of religious service. The Pharisee might go on thanking God that he was “not born a woman, a leper, or a gentile,” but among the followers of Jesus woman has been forever set free from all religious discriminations based on sex. Pentecost obliterated all religious discrimination founded on racial distinction, cultural differences, social caste, or sex prejudice. No wonder these believers in the new religion would cry out, “Where the spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.”

The above is a quote from the Urantia Book, Paper 194. Though the New Testament gives some idea of what Jesus Christ taught the men and women of his times in the four gospels, it is this marvelous book-the Urantia Book- which attempted to present the true content of the life and mission of Jesus of Nazareth on earth. I am moved by the stress the Urantia Book gives on the status of women in the society as humanity stood before God. Before God, men and women are equals- a concept not appreciated by most religions even today !

The Urantia Book

April 13, 2010

I do not know just how many of the bloggers of wordpress have known and read the Urantia Book. If you haven’t , I would suggest you to visit this site [ ]  which I have specially created for introducing this great knowledge book of our times , to all those who might be inquisitive to know more about the secrets of their existence in this world and beyond.  It may not be easy to read and understand this 2200 page book at one go. To many it might appear absurd but for a few it might sing- sing the truths that they have been longing for years. Any way, as my first blogg here, I would like to introduce this to all and would like to hear comments of their feelings after getting exposed to this marvellous revelation of knowledge! Best Wishes!