About Me

I am a Technical Manager in a leading Government Company in India in the senior management cadre with three decades of professional experience in plant operation, engineering design, project formulation, environmental and utility project consultancy, technical document management, etc.  I had my engineering education at the Government Engineering College, Trichur, Kerala and the IIT Roorkee, in the Nineteen Seventies.  I take interest in the professsional development of engineers and had the opportunity to serve the Institution of Engineers (India) as a Chairman of one of its prestigious centres.  Presently I devote much time in studying and understanding the Urantia Book, which I consider matchless, and has made considerable changes in my outlook towards life as a whole.


4 Responses to “About Me”

  1. rajancmathew Says:

    Its almost an year now that I am visiting here. It seems no one else has ever browsed through this yet. Rajan C Mathew, 6th October 2010.

  2. rajancmathew Says:

    To know more about me, visit my website: http://www.rajan-c-mathew.htmlplanet.com . Your comments are welcome. Rajan C Mathew, 6th Oct 2010.

  3. Barrie Says:

    Rajan, I stumbled across your blog via a Google notice. As a
    very long time devotee of the UB I am delighted to learn of
    your interest in the book. Are you in touch with other UB
    readers in India? There are quite a few, and the UB has even
    been represented at book fairs in India. For more information
    I suggest you contact Truthbook.com . All good wishes ti you.
    ~ Barrie

    • rajancmathew Says:

      Barry, thanks for the suggestion. I am there in truthbook forum since 2008 in the same name. I had read the info that they provided about the UB exposure in the book fair in New Delhi some time back. Though I am trying to find some serious reader of the UB in India by various means, I haven’t yet found one. Yes, you are right, there could be quite a few readers. But that’s regrettably as good as non existent, considering the vastness and population of India. From the background that I belong, my colleagues and friends are all capable of reading and understanding the Urantia Book. I have been introducing this great book to scores of them, but I am yet to find some one motivated to give a trial reading at least. Truth is hard nut for most, they are inclined to discard it without even attempting a try to crack it !

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